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New Drupal 8 web site on its way

Survey of D8 adoption

I've been supporting my old friend and colleague, Tomas Remiarz in setting up a Drupal 8 website for his new book, called Forest Gardening in Practice, published by Permaculture Publications (who I also work for).

Drupal 8 came out at the end of 2015, and according to Dries Buytaert , the creator of Drupal, there were over 60,000 sites under development using the new software! The chart shown is from a survey of 1,800 developers, and asks, 'If you have not yet used, or migrated to D8, then why not?'

So why has it taken so long for me to get my first D8 site out? Well I...

Creative Local Solutions websites now 'hosted green'

Tilaa.com logo

Over the last couple of weeks I've been switching the sites I host to a new ISP (Internet Service Provider) called Tilaa.com , based in Amsterdam. I chose Tilaa because they provide Virtual Private Servers at competitive prices, and use data centres that utilise renewable energy and are 100% carbon neutral.

According to research , CO2 emissions from telecommunications is already on a par with those from aviation, and is set to double by 2020, so it is clearly important to get this side of things sorted out. Web sites hosted by Tilaa are able to 'wear' a badge like the one...

A 'Community Shares' extention for CiviCRM

Image coutesy of http://www.coopalternatives.coop/community-shares

I am assessing the feasibility of a CiviCRM integrated 'Community Shares' extension on behalf of the Kindling Trust .

Community Shares are a fundraising and investment mechanism available to Co-operative Societies and Community Benefit Societies in the UK - see CommunityShares.org.uk if you want more info.

Kindling are a not for profit organisation based in Northern England, who have been using Civi for a number of years, and are planning on launching a community share offer in the future, in order to raise funds for a community owned farm, to develop sustainable food...

Joined the Drupal Association

Drupal Assn Badge

I'm proud to announce that I am now a member of the Drupal Association - you can view my public profile here. Recently I signed a contract with the Kindling Trust to provide Supported Hosting and Maintenance, plus mail accounts for four of there websites. Because I was able to provide these services at such an affordable price, they told me they wanted to pay me extra on top of what I quoted. In response I said that I would accept the extra payment on condition that I used it to make a contribution to the Open Source Community. It made sense therefore, for me to use this funding, to join...