GoCardless module launched for Drupal 8

GoCardless logo

In October 17, I made an initial release of my Drupal 7 module, Ubercart GoCardless Client, and as of today, it is also available for Drupal 8 sites!

The module provides an integration with the Drupal's Ubercart e-commerce suite, and GoCardless.com. It works with Ubercart like any other Payment service module, and allows customers to create a direct debit mandate for paying for products upon checking out. The big advantage with GoCardless over other payment services is that it charges just 1% on transactions. There are two kinds of payment service available from GoCardless: Subscriptions and One-off Payments.

Subscriptions are automatic recurring payment, and work well for users that want to take the same payment on a regular basis (for instance £5 per week, or £20 on the first of each month).

One-off Payments allow you, the end user, to trigger a payment against a direct debit mandate at any time with the API. This allows you to charge your end customers ad-hoc amounts.

With the release of the module last October, I established a web service called Seamless-CMS.co.uk which operates as a partner of GoCardless. Sites that implement the module are 'clients' of Seamless-CMS.co.uk, which handles the management of direct debit mandates with GoCardless on their behalf. As a result of this, the partner site generates an income from every direct debit payment created by a client site. The income is taken out of the 1% transaction fees, and so does not cost the client, or their customers any more. The plan is to build up revenue from these modules, and create a sustainable income stream to ensure that the modules can be maintained in a safe, secure and responsive way.

For more info on the module, or to install it on your own Drupal 7 or 8 site, go to https://drupal.org/project/uc_gc_client.