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Over the last couple of weeks I've been switching the sites I host to a new ISP (Internet Service Provider) called, based in Amsterdam. I chose Tilaa because they provide Virtual Private Servers at competitive prices, and use data centres that utilise renewable energy and are 100% carbon neutral.

According to research, CO2 emissions from telecommunications is already on a par with those from aviation, and is set to double by 2020, so it is clearly important to get this side of things sorted out. Web sites hosted by Tilaa are able to 'wear' a badge like the one above, provided by the Green Web Foundation, to show that they are 'hosted green'.

Tilaa's website states that, "A VPS is more energy efficient than a dedicated server. Tilaa uses only CO2 neutral datacenters running on 100% renewable energy. Our datacenters are ISO 14001 certified which requires them to continuously innovate at the energy saving level. The achieved PUE ratio is currently below 1.2, the lowest available in the market today."

My decision to move to Tilaa was based on research I undertook in 2015 on behalf of Permaculture Magazine, who were relocating to a green ISP themselves at the time. More information on this process can be read in my previous article: Green server for Permaculture Magazine. See here for more information about the Drupal Supported Hosting and Maintenance service that I provide for web development clients.