Drupal 8

GoCardless module launched for Drupal 8

GoCardless logo

In October 17, I made an initial release of my Drupal 7 module, Ubercart GoCardless Client , and as of today, it is also available for Drupal 8 sites!

The module provides an integration with the Drupal's Ubercart e-commerce suite, and GoCardless.com. It works with Ubercart like any other Payment service module, and allows customers to create a direct debit mandate for paying for products upon checking out. The big advantage with GoCardless over other payment services is that it charges just 1% on transactions. There are two kinds of payment service available from GoCardless:...

New Drupal 8 web site on its way

Survey of D8 adoption

I've been supporting my old friend and colleague, Tomas Remiarz in setting up a Drupal 8 website for his new book, called Forest Gardening in Practice, published by Permaculture Publications (who I also work for).

Drupal 8 came out at the end of 2015, and according to Dries Buytaert , the creator of Drupal, by March 16 there were over 60,000 sites under development using the new software! The chart shown is from a survey of 1,800 developers, and asks, 'If you have not yet used, or migrated to D8, then why not?'

So why has it taken so long for me to get my first D8 site out...