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I am a member of the Drupal Association.
I have been developing a specialisation in the use of Drupal since around 2008. This is free (open source) software that provides a Content Management System (CMS) that is ideal for not-for-profit organisations, and social networks. The Drupal CMS makes it easy to set up and maintain a website that many people can add content to, without breaking it. There are a vast array of 'contributed modules', which means that the basic system can be added to, and customised, to do just about anything you want .. within reason. This might include blogging, handling media files like video, audio, and photos, commerce, or data representation, for example.
Around 2010 I was employed on a full time contract by an organisation that commissioned a Drupal website from a trendy web design company, at a price which was, let us say, a little unaccessible to your average SME not-profit, or new start social enterprise / co-operative. Even back then, I new that with a moderate budget, I could do a comparative job.
As a self-employed individual with low overheads, my offer is therefore to provide robust and functional websites, at a rate that is significantly cheaper than your typical commercial web company. (See the 'About me' section for more information about my pricing policy.) If you want bells and whistles, this is still possible, but it will come at a higher cost! 
In addition, I own my own web server, so am able to host your Drupal web site, and provide an email service for your domain, as part of the package.
What is more, you will see from the 'Community Development' section, and 'About me', that I have extensive knowledge of the not-for-profit sector, and issues around community, local food, and sustainability. This means that if you are working in any of these areas, I am able to offer you a service that is a lot more holistic than straight forward web design.  
Since every job is different, I'm reluctant to quote prices here, but as an indicator, I can get your group started with a branded, functional website, with 1 years hosting and an email service included, for in the region of £1,000.