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Earthworm Housing Co-operative

This is a simple "information only" site built for Earthworm Housing Co-op using Backdrop CMS. Backdrop is a "fork" of Drupal 7 and is a clean and simple system for clients who are looking for a simple solution. The site was build in about 2.5 days, using an out of the box Backdrop theme, and is rich in test and imagery all provided by members of the Co-op.

Client: Earthworm Housing Co-operative

Launch date: Thu 18 May 2023

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Vegbox People

I've developed this D7 site from scratch, on behalf of the Kindling Trust, as an intrinsic part of their Vegbox People business, which they set up in order to increase sales of local organic produce, targeting the 10,000 members of staff based at Manchester University.

Client: Kindling Trust

Launch date: Wed 16 Dec 2015

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Forest Gardening in Practice

I've been supporting author Tomas Remiarz in setting up a Drupal 8 website for his new book, called Forest Gardening in Practice, published by Permaculture Publications. This is the first D8 project I've worked on, and my role has been more advisory rather than as developer.

Client: Tomas Remiarz

Launch date: Thu 01 Dec 2016

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Pennine Cropshare

Pennine Cropshare is an organic veg bag project that operated in the Calder Vale, including Burnley, Todmorden, and Hebden Bridge. It utilises the same code as the Vegbox People project. Pennine Cropshare has been active since 2011, and already had a good customer base when the web site was developed, so it was necessary to import the customers into the site, and convert their existing direct debits into GoCardless direct debits. 

Client: Burnley Food Links

Launch date: Thu 01 Mar 2018

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Permaculture Magazine

This is the web site of Permanent Publications, who publish the Permaculture Magazine, and a wide selection of books about sustainable living. This is a Drupal 6 site that has been running for about 4 years, and since the beginning of 2014 I have been working on a monthly contract with Permanent Publications to maintain and develop it.

Client: Permaculture Magazine

Launch date: Not applicable

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Kindling Trust

This Drupal 7 site was originally developed by Circle Interactive on behalf of the Kindling Trust, and I took over the hosting and maintenance contract for it in the Autumn of 2014. It includes a Constituent Relationship Management toolbox so that Kindling can organise and reach all their stakeholders.

Client: Kindling Trust

Launch date: Thu 15 Dec 2016

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Feeding Manchester

This site was originally developed by Matt Fawcett from Manchester on behalf of the Kindling Trust, and the Feeding Manchester network. As with, I took over the hosting and maintenance contract for the site in Autumn 2014. It makes extensive use of CiviCRM.

Client: Kindling Trust

Launch date: Thu 15 Dec 2016